Dating site 84

Dating site 84

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Even though the Paleolithic archeological remains continue to pertain to discussions of the Paleolithic of Romania especially of the Middle Paleolithic and the early Upper Paleolithic Cârciumaru ; Păunescu; Dobrescuit is principally the early modern human fossil remains from the site which have drawn attention Gheorghiu and Dating site 84 ; Nicolăescu-Plopşor ; Soficaru et al.

The remainder of the contents of the complex cave system, however, remains poorly dated. Nonetheless, as part of the project to securely date and analyze the Muierii human remains Soficaru et al. It is hoped that these dates, presented here, will assist in establishing a temporal framework for the Paleolithic deposits of the Peştera Muierii. The Peştera Muierii The Peştera Muierii consists of a series of interconnected galleries at multiple levels cf.

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Parallel to it is a narrower gallery at a lower elevation, Galeria Secundară towards the front of the system and the Galeria Musteriană deeper within. This lower chamber connects with the Galeria Principală at the front of the Galeria Secundară and at the back of the Galeria Musteriană. Additional galleries extend off of these main passageways and at their ends away from the modern entrance.

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The principal excavations, carried out from toconsisted of a trench across the Gura Peşterii, two trenches at right angles to each other in the entrance portion of the Galeria Principală Sector I and Sector II, with Sector I being deeper within the cavethree small soundings deep within the Galeria Principală, and then most of the surface areas of the Galeria Secundară and the Galeria Dating site 84 Gheorghiu and Haasfig.

The faunal dating samples all derive from Sector I of the Galeria Principală, excavated in Dating site 84 Previous Radiocarbon Dates for the Peştera Muierii In addition to the series of radiocarbon dates on the human remains from the Peştera Muierii Soficaru et al.

In addition, a bear bone Ursus spelaeus? The first date may be either finite or a minimum age; if the former, it is a reasonable age for a relatively late phase of the Middle Paleolithic. The second date only serves to establish that there were the remains of bears at least of oxygen isotope stage 3 age within the cave system, a not surprising result.

Four of them are diaphyseal samples from metapodials of U. The stratigraphic Dating site 84 of the samples, if datum is near the surface of the original deposits and the schematic stratigraphic profile of Păunescu fig. At present, none of these Site ul Dating Tilt Reviews are verifiable, but all of them should provide a working framework for the samples.

None of the samples had macroscopic evidence of any form Dating site 84 preservative.

All of the samples, being of bone and tooth root, were pretreated following standard ORAU procedure Brown et al. Sample bone and root weights range from mg to mg, with collagen yields beween Most importantly, the carbon-nigrogen C: N ratios are all between 2.

The δ13C values for the U. Calendrical years based on CalPal www. Three of the remaining four samples, between The deepest and oldest date may well predate the Middle Paleolithic occupation of at least this portion of the cave. The other samples, despite either vertical mixing of the remains always possible with smaller bones such as metapodials or horizontal variance in the depths of the levels likely given the horizontal extent of Sector I of the Galeria Principalăappear to date a relatively late phase of the Middle Paleolithic, well within OIS 3.

The bone collagen isotope values likely reflect dietary protein consumed over the past 10 to 20 years of life for an adult longlived mammal Wild et al.

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Although the δ13C values can be used to assess whether the dietary protein carbon is derived from marine versus terrestrial sources or from C3 or C4 plants, it is the trophic level of the protein consumed that is of interest here.

Of particular relevance here, since most of the samples are from U. Unfortunately only one specimen of a herbivore is available in this sample, the molar root of A. Tooth roots having been formed early in development sometimes provide augmented δ15N values relative to adult values Jenkins et al.

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The value of 7. The δ15N value of 8. In contrast, the range of δ15N values for the cave bears 3. Isotope values have long been used to argue that cave bears were exclusively vegetarian e. The four samples of U. Conclusions We remain a long way from sorting out the chronology and associated archeology and paleobiology of the Late Pleistocene occupants human and faunal of the Peştera Muierii.

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However, in addition to the early modern human remains from the site bringing the locality into paleoanthropological awareness, it may be possible through analyses of the preserved remains from the earlier excavations to shed some light on the site and its occupations by humans, bears, and other denizens. These radiocarbon determinations, despite uncertainties regarding their stratigraphic associations, 6. Radiocarbon Dating and Faunal Stable Isotopes for the Galeria Principală, Peştera Muierii 19 provide additional data on the time span of the Pleistocene paleontological and anthropological deposits within the cave system.

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It is hoped that they will provide a further foundation for future interpretations of the site and its contents. Fifor and R. Dobrescu respectively.

To all of them we are grateful. References Belant et al.

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Optical dating of Romanian loess using fine-grained quartz

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Metodologie, clasificare şi analiză statistică The typology of arrowheads in fourteenth and fifteenth centuries' Moldavia. Methodology, classification and statistical analysis Observaţii privind înmormântările hallstattiene timpurii din aşezarea Remarks on the Early Iron Age Burials from Suceveni Settlement, Galaţi County Artefacte din materii dure animale descoperite la Negrileşti jud.

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