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The year-old from Smiths Falls, Ont. The country is not currently scheduled to receive additional supplies of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, which has been in heavy demand after the eligible age for the shot was dropped to plus in several provinces. That demand is only expected to increase after the National Advisory Committee on Immunization adjusted its age recommendation for the shots, announcing on Friday that Canadians 30 and older should get the AstraZeneca vaccine. Some provinces, however, have said they don't have enough supply to expand eligibility any further.

The U. Anand said earlier this month that Canada still expects to receive 4. Health Canada released a statement on Sunday offering assurances that the two vaccines are safe.

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This week will also mark the last in which Canada will receive less than 2 million Dating Black Woman Quebec of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, as the pharmaceutical giants prepare to ramp up deliveries for the foreseeable future. The government expects the Pfizer-BioNTech shots to arrive early in the week, and the Moderna doses around mid-week. Provinces reportednew vaccinations administered over the past 24 hours on Sunday, for a total of 12, doses given since the start of the vaccination campaign Dating Black Woman Quebec the winter.

Across the country, 1, people, or 2. The provinces have administered doses at a rate of 31, This Flemalle Femeie intalnire by The Canadian Press was first published April 26, Scott says Fort McMurray, which is home to the oilsands, has many young workers and families, and he says one of the problems is that too few residents are qualifying for a vaccination.

Wood Buffalo council passed a motion on Sunday approving the state of emergency. Scott says he expects it will be legally finalized later today, which will give council more powers to address the pandemic.

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The region has already sent home all students from kindergarten to Grade 12 to learn online and is adding more beds in the hospital intensive care ward. But when the year-old nurse arrived at a Long Island hospital last month, so short of breath she could barely talk, doctors knew just what to do. I was showering, eating, playing with my son.

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Other medicines for sicker patients can speed recovery, but only a few improve survival. While vaccines are helping to curb the pandemic, easier and better treatments are needed, especially as virus variants spread. Anthony Fauci, recently told the National Press Club.

Developing drugs for respiratory diseases is tough, partly because doses have to be high enough for the medicine to reach deep into the lungs yet not so high that they're toxic. Research on treatments also was slower because the U. Dating Black Woman Quebec wasn't until the end of April that the first COVID treatment showed benefit in a big government-sponsored study. That drug — remdesivir, sold as Veklury by Gilead Sciences Inc. Francis Collins said at a recent seminar. Several companies, including Pfizer, Roche and AstraZeneca, are testing antivirals in pill form.

Farthest along is molnupiravir, from Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics.

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It doesn't seem to help hospitalized patients but shows promise in less sick ones, and a large study should give results this fall, the companies said. If it pans out, it could be taken at home when symptoms first appear, similar to how antiviral drugs for the flu are used now. The NIH also is seeking a home-use option in a study that is testing up to seven drugs already used for other diseases.

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Even vaccines are being tried as treatments. Eli Lilly and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals are authorized to supply their treatments to patients at high risk of serious illness, and the U. Antibodies are made Dating Black Woman Quebec the immune system to fight the virus, but it takes weeks after infection for them to form.

The drugs supply lab-made versions that can help right away. Combinations of antibodies are being used now because some virus variants can evade single ones. I felt very short of breath.

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I could barely speak. Remdesivir is used for patients who need extra oxygen but not breathing machines.

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In studies, it cut the time to recovery by five days on average, from 15 days to The only medicines that do boost survival are dexamethasone and similar steroids for patients sick enough to need extra oxygen and intensive care. If used earlier, when patients are only mildly ill, they can do harm. As illness goes on, the immune system may become overactive and people can die from that. A host of drugs that blunt inflammation and other immune responses are being tried for this later stage of illness.

The NIH says full doses of blood thinners such as heparin may help people who are moderately ill avoid breathing machines or other organ support.

Research suggests that higher doses can help people who are not yet critically ill, but could harm those who are very sick. Adarsh Bhimraj, who helps develop treatment guidelines for the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

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The AP is solely responsible for all content. All four cases are related to travel within Canada.

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Two of the cases are men in the Western health region, between the ages of 40 and The third person who has tested positive lives in the Central Health region and is between the ages of 20 and 39, while the fourth lives in the Eastern Health region and is between the ages of 40 and Contract tracing is underway, and anyone who is a close contact will be asked to quarantine.

New ferry, flight advisories Because of the four new cases, there are several new travel advisories. John's on Friday. There is one new recovery, leaving 28 active active cases in the province. There is one person in hospital due to the virus. In total,people have been tested, including in the last 24 hours.

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A case reported Friday in the Western Health region remains under investigation. The number of people in intensive care in that province set another grim high of A nine-person team of health-care professionals is set to travel from St. Mike Dunleavy has offered COVID vaccines to residents of the small British Columbia town of Stewart, with hopes it could lead the Canadian government to ease restrictions between Stewart and the tiny Alaska border community of Hyder a couple miles away.

The trip included travel from Ketchikan to Hyder on a float plane that held seven people, including the pilot.

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The AP was the Dating Black Woman Quebec news organization travelling with Dunleavy and got a first-hand look at the Republican governor as he met with local leaders and residents in Ketchikan, Hyder and Metlakatla, the only Indian reserve in Alaska, to hear how they have been impacted by the pandemic and about their top priorities and concerns. Hyder and Stewart are closely linked.

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Hyder residents get gas and groceries in Stewart, and kids from Hyder go to school there. Hyder even shares an area code with its Canadian neighbour and runs on Pacific time, an hour ahead of most of the rest of Alaska.

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Stewart has around residents. Hyder, at the head of a fjord, has a dock for float planes, but air travel can be limited by weather conditions.

Dunleavy said he invited the state's chief medical officer, Dr. Dunleavy, seeking to revive a state tourism industry battered by the pandemic, recently announced travellers could get vaccines at some Alaska airports starting June 1.

McKay said many Stewart residents received a first vaccine dose during a weeklong clinic in Stewart around Easter but the wait time for a second dose is up to four months. British Columbia health officials said the approach is intended to make the most of a limited vaccine supply and allow more people to get first doses.

In the U. Both are widely used in Alaska and among the vaccines used in Canada.

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Zink said 19 people from Canada, most from Stewart, got shots Thursday in Hyder and one person from Hyder did. Zink administered the vaccines in a parking lot outside a community building given the warm, sunny weather. Some of the other Canadians who received vaccines were working in the area. She said she thinks those were among the people who showed up Thursday. Most of the shots given Thursday were first doses, Zink said. There are plans to work with state public health nurses to return to the area and Zink said they could bring additional second doses so that if anyone in Stewart wanted a second dose at that time, they could get one.

If Stewart residents could get second doses that way, it could free Agen ia de intalnire St Lambert doses for others in British Columbia, she said.

But McKay said she's not sure how soon the Canadian federal government might ease any travel restrictions. Syed tested positive for the virus in late March and was later admitted to the ICU in Regina where he was placed on a ventilator, according to the website.

Alexander Wong, an infectious disease specialist in Regina, said Syed's wife delivered the couple's third child, a daughter, by caesarean section last week. Wong said Intalnire gratuita pe Lyon was It's preventable.

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We never had to have any of this happen if we had gone a different course," Wong said. According to social media posts, Syed is believed to have caught the virus causing COVID while carpooling to his job at the dam's power station, said Wong. Wong, along with other doctors, have been advocating for paid sick leave to help stop the spread of the virus.

Wong cited a recent plan by the Science Table in Ontario as a model for Saskatchewan to follow.

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It advocated closing all non-essential workplaces and paying essential workers to stay home if sick or exposed to the virus. Wong also wants to see all non-essential businesses temporarily closed, as well as workplaces with COVID outbreaks, something the Science Table also advised. It's tragic. It's all preventable. Wong said more people will suffer and die unnecessarily unless the government imposes stricter restrictions.

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